6 habits a developer should avoid

There are some certain habits that ought to be corrected among us a developer that tends to affect our productivity which has caused some reasons developers find it really hard to cope on the long run. These habits can either demotivate us, decrease our productivity and caused some issues we don't love to address.

Here I am going to cover up some of these habits and how to amend them.

First, let's start by elaborating:

  • Overstress: This is one of the habit a developer should try to amend. Overstress causes lots of low productivity on a developer, some of this factors includes coding at night. I am not saying coding at night is really a bad idea. But you need rest, sleepless nights causes side effects such as headaches, eye pain, shortsighted eye etc which I think these effects aren't good for you and sometimes causes you to forget somethings. Note that:

The greatest wealth is health

Your health matters a lot.

  • Not asking questions: This is really a bad habit that's kinda rampant among developers, Not asking questions. Note:

The first step to receiving an answer is being brave enough to ask questions.

It is better to ask a question than remain ignorance. No developer will condemn you for asking questions, if anyone does... He or she is not worth being called a developer. Questions fetches answers that's why greats communities like stackoverflow, quora, hashnode, dev.to and the others were created. To bring developers around the world closer together and solve problems. If you still can't use those platforms, use Google.

  • Imposter Syndrome: Many developers out there especially beginners inculcate this habit a lots, which tends to demotivate them. Simply because you think others out there are better than you, remember that:

It's not what you are that holds you back, it what you think you are not"

If you think you can't do, definitely you won't be able to do it. Just be the who you are and continue striving hard, that's the key. You don't have to be an expert, no one is expecting you to be an expert. All you need to do is show up and be you.

  • Contributing to open source projects: This is one way I found very helpful to grow your skills as a developer which is contributing to open source projects. You will get to know things you know not before. If you haven't done this, I would advice you start contributing to open source projects, you can find many open source projects on github which you can contribute to. Github is a great place to work with teams especially when it comes to open source projects, you can track progress, make pull requests etc. Contributing to open source is one best method to learn faster.
  • Interacting with communities: The developer world is really a wide world, tons of great platforms were created to bring devs together. You should grow the habit of interacting with developers, thus will open you to things you don't know. Some of this communities includes hashnode, quora, dev.to, stackoverflow etc. There are some communities that were created on some social media like Facebook and Twitter which is indeed a great place to learn as well.
  • Language specific: Many devs out there tends to learn 3, 4 or more languages which is improper. As a developer, you should be specific and focused on one language or two rather. Learning 3, 4 or more languages won't help you. Don't jump into languages because others are doing it or it's popular, or how some developers over hyped one language over the other. Every languages has their own purposes, functions and what they does specifically. In the Area of game development, you can't JavaScript to C++ likewise when it comes to Web development, JavaScript stands out to be the best and popularly used because it runs in the browser. Not just run in the browser, JavaScript is now cross platform.

What makes you a good developer is not the amount of skills or languages you gathered, it is about what you can do with them.

Be language specific and be determined.

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If you think, there are more to this article you can drop your ideas in comment section. Thanks for reading! ☺


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